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What is Samurai-Con? 

Samurai-Con is an interactive one-day celebration of all-things martial arts, featuring martial arts masters teaching technique seminars and discussing martial arts history and philosophy while answering questions through live Q & A, artists accepting commissions for martial-arts related artwork, martial arts art sweepstakes s, martial arts movie parties, and celebrities discussing their action film and TV careers.   

When is Samurai-Con? 

Saturday, June 12th, 2021. The platform goes live at 11 AM EST through 7 PM EST for all the speakers and events.  

At 7 PM EST the movie festival begins with a screening of the samurai crime noir classic Ghost Dog, starring Forrest Whitaker. 

After the movie ends, join the afterparty from 9 to 9:30 PM EST, hosted by Dr. Alexander Bennett, the translator of the samurai text Hagakure featured prominently in the film. 

What guests are coming to Samurai-Con? 

Guests include martial arts movie/TV celebrities and martial arts masters from a variety of arts. For the most recent guest list, click here

How can I sell my product or service at Samurai-Con? 

In addition to advertising in the Samurai-Con Official Program, or through an infomercial of your product or service during Samurai-Con, you can directly sell your product or service to Samurai-Con attendees by renting a virtual booth in the Exhibitors Hall custombuilt for Samurai-Con to optimally showcase its exhibitors. For more information about applying to feature an infomercial or rent a booth, click here


How can I advertise my product or service or feature my organization at Samurai-Con?

For information on how to advertise in Samurai-Con’s Official Program, or show an infomercial of your product or service during Samurai-Con, click here

To reserve an exhibitor’s booth and showcase your product or service to Samurai-Con attendees, click here

How can I teach or speak at the next Samurai-Con? 

To apply for a teaching or speaking segment at the next Samurai-Con, please send a detailed email describing your martial arts background and a description of your proposed seminar or talk to 

How can I contact Samurai-Con if I have a question or suggestion? 

Please send any questions or suggestions to 

How can I stay in touch with the people I meet at Samurai-Con? 

A great way to keep in touch with your fellow samurai and hear the latest news and announcements about upcoming Samurai-Cons and other martial arts news is to join the Samurai-Con Facebook Group. Also, check out Samurai-Con on Instagram and Twitter

How can I find information about the next Samurai-Con and other upcoming events? 

Join the Samurai-Con Facebook Group and check out Samurai-Con on Instagram and Twitter for all the latest Samurai-Con news. 

If Chuck Norris traveled to a parallel universe where there was another Chuck Norris and they fought each other, which Chuck Norris would win? 

They both would. Chuck Norris doesn’t lose. 

Why doesn’t Chuck Norris own a stove, oven, or microwave? 

Because revenge is a dish best served cold. 

What is the chief export of Chuck Norris? 


Why does Chuck Norris’ calendar go straight from March 31st to April 2nd? 

Because no one fools Chuck Norris. 

Why does outer space exist? 

Because it's afraid to be on the same planet as Chuck Norris. 

Why did Chuck Norris destroy the Periodic Table? 

Because Chuck Norris only recognizes the element of surprise. 

What is in the last chamber? 

The highest form you’ll ever see. 

What did the Zen master tell the hot dog vendor? 

Make me one with everything. 

A Zen master buys a hot dog from a hot dog vendor and asks him, “Where’s my change?” What does the hot dog vendor tell him? 

Change must come from within. 

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