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Take two easy steps to have a chance at winning original martial arts-themed art in the Samurai-Con Art Sweepstakes:


Step 1. Enter the sweepstakes and receive a virtual ticket by:

Method 1: Purchasing this year’s official Samurai-Con t-shirt or poster from the Samurai-Con Store; OR

Method 2: Answering three or more questions correctly during Samurai-Con’s Martial Arts Trivia Challenge; OR

Method 3: Submitting an essay about martial arts to (see Samurai-Con’s policies for more info).


Step 2. If you entered the Sweepstakes by purchasing a shirt or poster (Method 1 above), you will automatically be given a virtual ticket that you can place on the art piece you’d like to bid on after your purchase. If you entered the sweepstakes by answering three questions correctly in the trivia, or by submitting a martial arts-themed essay, check out the photos of the original artwork below and decide which piece(s) you’d like to put your ticket(s) on, and email Samurai-Con at info@samurai-con your selection.


Sweepstakes winners will be randomly selected and announced every hour starting at the end of the first session and ending at the end of the last session before the movie party begins.

The awesome art for the sweepstakes featured below was created by the amazing artists in the Artist Alley to help raise funds for the Invincible Woman Project to teach self defense to women in a national effort to fight violence against women. The more t-shirts or posters you purchase from the Samurai-Con Store during Samurai-Con, the more sweepstakes tickets you will receive, and the greater your odds of winning the original artwork of your choice. Best of luck! 


For Artists: To learn more about creating an original piece of artwork for the next Samurai-Con’s Art Sweepstakes, which will help fund the Invincible Woman Project, and the perks you will receive for doing so, please email

Artist Alley 

During Samurai-Con, be sure to take a break from the talks and the training and check out Artist Alley in the Exhibitors Hall, where a slew of artists have artwork for sale. You can even commission the artists to draw a martial arts-related piece of art for you. Check out the list of artists who will be at Samurai-Con below:

Aibek Begalin

Adam Chow

Brian Hoang

Jamie Marcelle

James Pascoe

Tony Rubino

Kitty Sapphire

More artists coming soon! 

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